Nicolini (2)

Chapter 2 of Nicolini (2012) provides a quick tour through a few thousand years of philosophy to highlight the deep roots of practice theory.

Nicolini, D. (2012). Practice theory, work, and organization: An introduction. Oxford University Press.

Practice Theory

This semester I’m going to be doing an independent study with Professor Andrea Wiggins to research and apply Practice Theory in my own work. I’ve included part of my research proposal (which is still a bit in flux at the moment) below. The plan is to use this web space to write up notes about my reading and work as I go. I thought I’d share it in case it shows up in your feed reader–hey I’m told people still use them. Writing here also puts a little bit of pressure on myself to stick to the plan as best I can. I’ll tag all the posts with practice.


Slightly more than 140 characters about design, written to temporarily distract myself from thinking about a term paper.


WARC is often thought of as a useful preservation format for websites and Web content, but it can also be a useful tool in your toolbox for Web maintenance work.